Ambassador Programs

What are my Ambassador Programs?

Thank you for inquiring about the J. Allen Photography Ambassador Teams! I have several teams: Senior Rep Team, Teen Modeling Team, and a Dance Rep Team. 

I am looking for fun, outgoing and motivated High School students to help get the word out about J. Allen Photography. An Ambassador to me, is someone who is basically a spokesperson for J. Allen Photography. They will share my work through social media (Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Facebook, and others) as well as with their friends. Ambassadors have many different benefits available including: $$$ incentives for new client referrals / Possible paid modeling gigs / Discounts for prints and extra sessions / more...

Meet the Teams

Senior Reps

My Senior Ambassadors are my pride and joy. When I really began to find my niche in Photography, it was with High School Seniors. Members of the Senior team will receive truly beautiful and unique photos throughout their entire Senior year of High School.

Their senior photo session is the grand finale. Each senior rep will receive a special gift at the end of their senior year.

Teen Models

My Teen Models are here to provide opportunities to High Schoolers that are looking to do something a little different. Members of the Teen Modeling team will begin to learn to model and enjoy visiting many different locations through San Antonio and local areas.

The Teen Models don't really have a grand finale like the Senior session...but I try to offer a big final shoot of the school year for them.

Dance Reps

My Dance Ambassadors are where I have truly found the art and creativity in photography. In 2019, I captured some amazing photos of twin dancers and I was immediately hooked. This is why I created a Dance team. I want to capture dancers in their own creative element.

The Dancers, along with the Teen teams don't really have a grand finale, but I am trying to come up with something huge for their final session of the year.

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