Ambassador Programs

What are my Ambassador Programs?

What are Ambassador Teams? Many photographers have them and what they provide the photographer is an inside track to their friends and family. I have three different ambassador teams: Seniors, Teens, and Dancers. 

I began these programs initially for two reasons. 1. I was trying to grow my brand, and having ambassadors in these age groups helped get my name into the schools. 2. I needed to shoot more often, and having ambassadors provided an excellent opportunity where I could improve. 

My program worked the way I needed it to, and now it provides opportunities for each individual in these different groups.

For Seniors, I've found that working together builds chemistry, and shooting together more than once offers the opportunity for fun and creative senior portraits. 

Modeling can be a confidence booster, or a fun after-school opportunity for teens. It's also a way for them to meet and possibly make new friends with the group events I schedule. 

For Dancers, the possibilities are enormous. I've had several dancers use my program for clothing line ambassadorships, for ways to get published, and for colleges to see more of their work.

No matter the reason to join my team, the biggest is probably the money savings over just a one-and-done session. I discount the rates all while giving you what you want. Priceless memories for years to come!


San Antonio Photographer Jason Carmony photographs Senior Rep

Senior Reps

My Senior Ambassadors are my pride and joy. When I really began to find my niche in Photography, it was with High School Seniors. Members of the Senior team will receive truly beautiful and unique photos throughout their entire Senior year of High School.

San Antonio Photographer Jason Carmony photographs Teen Model

Teen Models

My Teen Models are here to provide opportunities to High Schoolers that are looking to do something a little different. Members of the Teen Modeling team will be learning to model while shooting throughout San Antonio and other local areas.

San Antonio Photographer Jason Carmony photographs Teen Dancer

Dance Reps

My Dance Ambassadors are truly gifted. I don't require them to be top-notch performers, but I do ask they give me their best each session. Dance photography is about creating artwork by capturing artwork. Getting to work with the same dancers over the course of the year offers wonderful opportunities to create beautiful and long lasting artwork for years to come.

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