"I have a bunch of headshots that I like to throw at people - with some backups. I give them like three copies just so they don't forget me."


How You See Yourself & How Others See You

Gone are the days of going to the brick-and-mortar stores with photo studios for headshots...at least they should be. Headshots give people an idea of who you are before they ever get a chance to meet you. How do you want to represent yourself?

Set yourself up for success! Schedule your headshot consult with me, and we can create what you need.

Casual | On-Location | Studio


The casual headshot is becoming more common. The coat and pants don't always leave the right impression. Be you, and more people will appreciate the integrity you share with them.

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Not all headshots are the same. They need to project who you are. You can be professional and friendly, all in one shot. Let's pick a location that speaks about who you are and let me capture that persona.

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The Studio Headshot is more professional. It will tell your clients exactly what you need it to convey. Studios are tough to come by, so I've turned part of my home into a studio where I can capture your professional look with ease.

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