"We should consider every day lost on which we have not danced at least once."


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Creating Art by Photographing Art

Dance photography is very niche. It's not easy to capture the elegance and beauty of the dancer, but it's possible. Dancers sacrifice their time, their bodies, and their relationships. Many began dancing when they started walking. Soon, the dancer will be finishing their career at an early age, don't let time pass them. Capture their beauty and elegance. Ensure your dancer's creative talents aren't forgotten. Let my photographs capture their style & creative art form.
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Learned from the best in the Dance Biz

I began working with dancers in the Summer of 2019. From the moment of the first shot, I was hooked. I've learned a lot along the way. In 2020, I worked with the Dance Coach at Our Lady of the Lake University, and she helped with my timing and understanding the proper technique. I also attended the Pas De Deux Workshop in Chicago conducted by Ron McKinney & David Hoffman (SharkCookie). They taught more tips, tricks, techniques, lighting, studio, and more. All this to bring my dance work to a new level.

San Antonio Photographer Jason Carmony photographs dancer at Mission San Jose


There is just an elegance when capturing dance photos. Many photographers can create beautiful portraits. However, there is much more to dance photography than creating a portrait. I consult with each dancer to know what they want to do, and then we look for the perfect place to showcase them. 

San Antonio Photographer Jason Carmony photographs dancer in Chicago skyline


Timing is everything when working with dancers. The peak action must be captured to show the form and skillset of the dancer. Without perfect timing, the images will not show the perfection achieved in those split-second moments of their performance.

San Antonio Photographer Jason Carmony photographs dancer in Destin Florida


Motion stopped for an instant is amazing to see. The eye cannot see the true excellence of the dancer by just watching the performance. I believe that seeing all things, the flow of the hair, the costume, and the surroundings paused for just a moment, can lend to a perfect piece of artwork. Seeing the dancer, stopped in time allows full appreciation for their abilities and capabilities.